365 Cannabis

365 Cannabis 

It’s been a while since my last article but we’re back! This time around, I’d like to write about something we’ve been working on for a long time now, our product called 365 Cannabis. 

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Welcome to the market 

Depending on where in the world you are reading this from, you may or may not be aware of the medical and recreational marijuana markets in North America. It’s really fascinating to see this market emerge and grow so quickly. Those that are new to the industry sometimes aren’t aware that it in a lot of States it is either legal medicinally, recreationally or both! Now, businesses and operations in those states need sophisticated ERP (enterprise resource planning) software to help them track their processes and now, they can actually go and purchase software like this and get away from keeping track of things in Excel spreadsheets and on piece of paper. I even spoke to one person once who used to write his grow schedules down on paper and he would actually burn them afterwards! (maybe he smoked it afterwards and that’s where the inspiration came from, anyway I digress) 

Another fascinating fact is that it is governed at the State level, each State has its own requirements and processes that you must follow in order to obtain a license. Some businesses will obtain just one license (for example just a cultivation license) or some businesses will apply for multiple to become “vertically integrated”. Being vertically integrated typically means that your operation does the cultivation, manufacturing and selling, so the complete seed-to-sale process.  

Introduction to 365 Cannabis 

365 Cannabis is based on a Microsoft ERP (enterprise resource planning) called Dynamics NAV. We’ve been selling, implementing and supporting customers in all walks of life for a long time. We’ve been working very hard to bring our experience and lessons learnt from other industries into this product to offer a really sophisticated solution to this market which we’ve now been in for a while. A unique point to 365 Cannabis is that the product hasn’t started in the marijuana industry. Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been around since dinosaurs roamed the Earth. OK, maybe not but still, it’s been around since the 80’s so it’s very mature and has a huge user base. You want to run your Cannabis business as diligently as any other manufacturer, producer or retailer would want to so you want a solution which is designed to do just that. Do you really want a solution that is as new as you are or at the best, has only been around for the past few years?  

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With 365 Cannabis, everything is in one system, this means that the operation doesn’t have to run 3 or 4 different systems day-to-day to manage their operation. Cultivation, extraction, dispensary and finance is all in one place and you can use as much or as little of it as you would like. For example, if you just have a grow operation at the moment, this solution has extraction and dispensary built in so if you wanted to expand into that later on, you already have the system to support and scale with your operation. As it’s a Microsoft product, your employees can use the system seamlessly with the Microsoft Office products that they know, love and use every day so it’s much more efficient and just a seamless, consistent experience.  

 What’s inside? 

Now, what’s in 365 Cannabis I hear you say? For those of you that know Microsoft Dynamics products or Dynamics NAV, it is an enterprise level application that you can use to run and streamline every process in your business.  

One of the unique points about 365 Cannabis is that a lot of the functionality around Finance, Purchasing, Selling, CRM, Warehouse, Inventory Management, etc. are all provided by Microsoft. That allows us to focus our time on the Cannabis specific processes like Cultivation, POS and supporting the end customer, which is what we do best.  

As briefly touched on before, there are many modules in the solution, an organization may use all of them or just a few of them depending on their requirements and the licenses they hold, here’s some of the main ones: 

Cultivation – All about growing the product and tracking it from seed (or unrooted cutting) to plant. 

Processing / Manufacturing – Turning that into finished product. 

Quality Control – For third party products or your own, ensure the high standards that your customer base expects.  

Sales – Sell your product to your customers or patients. Sell through integrated eCommerce, B2B or through a Dispensary using the Point-of-Sale (POS) that can run on any device.  

Finance – Track General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Fixed Assets, etc. 

No plans to do extraction at the moment? Still deciding on whether to open a Dispensary? No problem at all, all of the functionality is ready and can be used later on. A lot of our clients started off with the cultivation portion, expanded the size of that and then started to use the Dispensary and POS (Point of Sale) months later. 

Stay tuned 

In the coming weeks, we’re going to be visiting each of those main modules in more detail to give you a better understanding of what the solution can do. We’ll also be writing articles to pass on knowledge we’ve learnt from other industries, just like “The importance of dedicated support”, “How you should choose your software solution” as well as articles specific to the Cannabis industry like “What really is State compliance?”. Until then, feel free to go to the website to find out more or check our 30 minute webinar. 

Website – http://d365cannabis.com/ 

Webinar – http://d365cannabis.com/featured/learn-how-to-make-your-cannabis 


See you next time